Need help with a Dragon wrasse


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I have had this fish in the tank for a couple of months and he has been fine up until a few days ago. He just stopped swimming and just stayed at the bottom of the tank. We noticed it looked like he might have got in to a fight because it look like he had a small mark on him near his tail. Today he is in really bad shape and looks like he has even changed to a lighter color. He also just got a large lump on his chest area. I'm not sure if he has some kind of disease or something else that could affect the other fish though all of them seem fine so far. See the attached pic of the lump. Any info would be helpful. Thanks
Poor guy! Is he upside down in that pic??

We need more info....tank parameters, other livestock, is he eating? How is everyone else in the tank?

Could be an infection or tumor? Is his lump where you saw the mark originally?
It's a 130 gallon tank. There is a snowflake eel, dog faced puffer, 2 tangs and 3 chromies

We noticed the mark/bite about 3 days ago, he was less active and not eating as well. The lump isn't where the bite is, it just showed up yesterday. Now he is barely moving, pale and seems to be having trouble breathing.

The other fish are fine, no marks that we can see, activity and eating habits haven't changed.
dang that doesnt look good...makes me wonder if the eel went after him...not a lot you can do to be honest. I dont know if you have a quarantine system but even moving him over to that and treating with antibiotics probably wont make much difference. Sorry...
Well he died shortly after I made that last post :cry: I would still like to get some kind of idea of what happened to him or if it is something I need to worry about for the other fish. I am going to be going to a fish store I go to a lot tomorrow and have them take a look at some of the pictures to see if they have any idea on what could of happened. Thanks all for your input.
Awww...sorry to hear :( Hate to lose fish. Maybe it was bloat? Swim bladder issues, tumor. As long as everyone else is eating, I wouldn't worry about it. But it does help to know what it was.

OH and if they don't know and no one else here knows, you can always ask wetwebmedia. You've got great experts there, including none other than Bob Fenner himself. Email them and give them ALL of your tank info -- parameters, livestock, all symptoms. Be very specific, and attach all the pics. I've emailed them a few times, and each time they've responded within 24 hours.
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