What Type of Wrasse?

Maybe you can get a restraining order against it.Remember to research first next time.

I did research. The LFS did not say it was a Bird Wrasse. When I looked up Leopard on my iPhone in the store, everything checked out. The picture was small but generally looked similar, or rather, I saw enough green to continue reading the description since there really wasn't a reason to doubt him.

It wasn't til I got home and got in front of a computer that I looked him up again because, as mentioned, he started eating hermits.

On the computer I then could see it didn't quite look to spec, which is when I posted here.
Yes which is why I looked it up on my phone. Like I said, I saw green on Le Phone and just assumed it was the same one - then went to reef compatability chart and saw everything was generally OK.

Now, instead, I have Jeffrey Dahmer in my tank.
You haven't caught him yet? At this point, it may be easier to take everything else out, move it all to a new tank, and just let the wrasse have his own tank!
I bought 15 more hermits and two emeralds yesterday and he immediately went after one of the emeralds.

I ordered the sedative yesterday and will be going that route. I can't take the rocks out because I cemented them together and against the egg-crate base under all the live-sand. Hopefully the hermits will keep him busy and protect the other fish.
your narrative, while sad and frustrating, had me crying because I've been laughing so hard.

any luck catching this guy? Personally, I'd get one of those plastic fish traps and fill it up with crabs. he'll go in there sooner or later.
Place a decent size container in the tank and leave it. The fish will get used to it. Then start placing food in there and they will beging swimming in and out of it. Give it time. When the bastard fish swims in, pull the container even if another fish is in there too. You can get the other fish out easily.

If you're using nets, wait until night time. The fish will be sleepy and less alert. You can usally chase them to a corner and get them with a net when you have one in each hand.
Omega can no longer type..lost all his fingers trying to get the wrasse outta' the tank.

Still alive and appendages are still intact - generally.

Sadly, BLT (the Wrasse's new name - you know, Bin Laden the Terrorist) has eaten all of the hermits except the two big ones I've had for a long time - they're about 2" big so I wonder if he's just not interested in the big ones.

If I feed him about three times a day, he'll generally let them be but not he follows me back and forth in the tank when I walk by. It's eery. He knows me. And frankly, I think he knows the trauma he's inflicted. His leisure swims back and forth in the tank or more a taunt than anything else.

All that said, his time is coming. I should be receiving the benzocaine this week and it'll be off to fishy dreamland for him.

In other news, I consulted a friend who is an internist at UCSF and mentioned my story to her when we had lunch. I asked if there would be permanent scarring or if I should get a cosmetic surgery consult. When she finally stopped laughing, she assured me it would be perfectly fine after the scab.

Sure, y'all laugh, but one of you lucky reef participants will be receiving a Wrasse in their tank shortly.
Sure, y'all laugh, but one of you lucky reef participants will be receiving a Wrasse in their tank shortly.

Hahaha! It will be like the Living Reefs Annual White Elephant Swap, where every participant passes on one thing they don't want for their tank anymore. Too bad my fish-eating starfishes died...