What type of Wrasse is it?


Reefing newb
Just picked up this wrasse recently and it was listed as a "Venusta Coris Wrasse" but I have not found much at all on them. Can anyone identify it? I'd like to know more about it. Sorry about the crappy pics but the phone camera blows :(

I have been told it's an elegant coris wrasse which according to what I've read is NOT reef safe due to the fact that they eat snails and shrimp. I was told by the guy who sold me it that it was reef safe. Now I hae to watch it and see what it does. I'm calling today to see if I can swap it for something else or get a refund considering I was given wrong information. It was listed as a "Venusta Coris Wrasse" which at the time I couldn't find any info on at all so that threw me off. I'll know better next time.
I did get it out. I had to move a couple of rocks but it conveniently it swap up toward the top and I had two nets and it was easy to catch after it did that. I took it back and got a yellow eye kole tang.
lucky you. i had a striated bristletooth tang that i had to remove from mine. he was a great fish and he kept the rocks spotless, but out of the blue after about five yrs of perfect behavour he started to chase all my little fish. lost a couple from stress, wouldnt come out and eat. he didnt bother the other tangs though. complete teardown to catch him. what a pain in the butt. i want to replace him with a yellow eye kole tang, same as you got. the bristletooths are great fish. they never stop scrubbing the rocks
I had a yellow eyed kole tang. He was an asshole LOL Had to give him back to the LFS after a year or so. It was a bitch catching him. But finally caught him with a home made trap. Punk. I totally cheered when I caught him.