What to add...what to add...10 gallon


I failed Kobayashi Maru
Now that I've successfully moved the evil firefish to the 10 gallon with the pistol shrimp, he seems to be doing fine in there. I am trying to decide what other fish I can stick in there. I was going to get the pistol shrimp another orange spotted goby to hopefully live with the pistol, but I'm now worried the firefish will pick on it, since it picked on the other firefish.

Instead of another orange spotted, what would be a good li'l fish to stick in there? I need one that's reef safe, since I will eventually be putting some coral in there once I upgrade the light. I currently have mushrooms that came w/ the lr in there now.
That'd be nice...except I already have 2 in the big tank, so I wanted something different for the nano....something colorful and active and won't hide as much as the firefish or goby...but it would seem I'm limited to gobies or firefish.

Maybe my daughter won't mind another clown of her own. But shouldn't they be in 20 gallon or more? (going by liveaquaria recommendations) Like, when they get full grown.
Meh. I think you could keep a pajama cardinal or kaudern's cardinal in a 10 gallon tank. They really don't move at all. But neither of those are colorful, you're right.

How about a scissortail goby?