what size powerhead for a 29 gallon reef


they call me fish geek ;p
I need to get a powerhead but I don't know what size to get for my 29 gallon reef. I was thinking a koralia evo 750? The corals I have are waving xenia, Kenya tree, hammer coral, bubble tip nem, maxi mini nem, a couple mushrooms and lots of zoas. Thanks!
I use two 425gph koralia pumps in my 27g. I suggest getting 2 smaller ones than 1 big one so you can make sure you have flow in all areas and not just a whirlpool.
I currently run 2 Koralia 2's in my jbj 24. I found that the two Koralia Nano powerheads just were not enough for me.
I just ordered two koralia 425gph. We will see how that works out bc I already have some good flow from the filter and skimmer.
Hey i have a Sicce Voyager 1 in my 29 gallon but i feel like i need more flow on the opposite side of my tank.

Found a guy on craigslist selling a Koralia 1 and a Koralia Evo

Which one would you suggest with my current powerhead??
I took amber advice and bought 2 koralia 425gph. They seem to work pretty good. These are my first ph's though so maybe someone more experienced will chime in.
Well which one should i use with my current Voyager powerhead? I dont want too much flow. Just enought for softies

My Voyager gets between 265 to 607 gph. It has a rotating deflector so i guess the gph depends on how its positioned.

the Koralia 1 gets 400 and the Evo gets 750
Hmmm I would probably start with the 750 in the tank see how everything does, if the corals open up ok and the fish arent hiding from it then you are good. If it seems too strong use the smaller one and keep the back up for down the road.

I wish sometimes i had like 5. I need one for making salt water one for the QT tank and 2 in the main tank etc etc I get sick of moving them around.
Hi! I’m new to the Saltwater experience. I am setting up a brand new bio cube 32 and I would like to know what kind of wave maker you recommend? I have 2, koralia 240’s in my 15 gallon pillar freshwater tank. One of the top and one in the middle to keep a good water flow. What would you recommend for my new saltwater tank?