29 Biocube SPS/LPS Reef


Reefing newb
Just wanted to get everyone's opinion of a 29 Biocube I will be planning, especially in regards to lighting/flow/pacing.

29 Biocube
Retrofit Dimmable LED (12 white XR-E, 6 RB XR-E, 12 RB XP-E)
ATO (tank/ATO/LED's are being bought from a friend of mine who used it as an sps/lps reef)
Stock Intake/Return
2 x Koralia 600's on Koralia Smart WavePump Controller
Biocube Skimmer
200W Hydor Heater
20-25 Lbs Dead Rock
20 Lbs Arag-Alive Pink Fiji

Week 1-2 (ish):
-Cycle with 1 shrimp from food processor (what I will be feeding the tank along with algae strips)
(shouldn't take full month with live sand)

Week 0 after cycle:
-reefcleaners 29 CUC pack.
(ordered when ammonia spike of cycle is done)

Week 1:
-few "strips" of GSP mid-level on rock.

Week 2:
-2 heads green torch coral on low-mid side level on rock.
-midas blenny

Week 3:
-couple frags green bubble coral on low/substrate level on rock.
-2 occ clowns

Week 4:
-2 frags blue acropora on top.

Week 5:

-coral beauty

Week 6:

-fill-in GSP/Torch/Bubble coral to consume space as needed