What else should I feed?


Time to add some coral!
So right now my feeding schedule is like this. One day I'll feed Rods Food (original) and some brine shrimp as a snack. My fish love this! The next day I'll feed some pellet and flake food and put some dried seaweed in for everybody to munch on. I alternate like this every other day. My question is, are my fish getting enough diversity? I'd like to feed frozen more often because my fish seems to like it more. What else besides the original Rods food can I feed my fish and keep them having a healthy diet? I have a yellow tang, 2 damsels and a clownfish (and a lawnmower bleny but he just grazes all day). I will be adding 2 more tangs here shortly and I also squirt some of the rods food to my brain coral and my cleaner shrimp. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Also, should I be using more than one type of seaweed?
You can certainly try the different color seaweed sheets, but I would not advise 3 tangs in a 90 I think you will have some very beat up fish
The kole is my favorite lol. He is going in with some other pretty aggressive fish so we will see. Something tells me my blue devil damsel isn't going to take much abuse. I have been debating on cutting out the tomini for a while though. I think with all the input i have gotten, I will cut him out of the stocking list.
Heres mine:
Monday: Mysis
Tuesday: Emerald Entree
Wednesday: Marine Cuisine
Thursday: Lifeline Carnivore
Friday: Formula One
Saturday: Brine
Sunday is maintenence. I do Microvert 3x weekly and Essential Elements weekly.
Rod's Food is really diverse and has a great mix of stuff in and of itself. The other frozen foods that you can find at Petco and Petsmart are also good. But I don't think there's anything lacking in the variety you are providing them right now.