Think I’m over feeding

New reefer

Reefing newb
hello all, like my name says, I’m a new reefer but over the moon about the hobby. I have a 29g tanks with 4 fish complete with Cuc’s. the tank is 6months old and recently added 2 zoas, a Duncan, a toadstool and a Kenya tree.

Just wondering how often I should be feeding and if I’m currently doing it too much!!!

I feed my fish daily, pellets and misys/ brine not on the same day tho I go back and forth. Then spot feeding the corals every other day. Everything seems happy at the moment.

After reading a few threads I feel like I’m doing to much!! I have a bit of a algae bloom on the go, nothing serious at the moment but would like to nip in in the but before it gets worst.

Who’s got some words of wisdom for me???

Thanks in advance for all the help!!
I can't give any advice on feeding, but as for nipping something in the bud before it gets worse, I highly recommend water changes. I'm not sure how many or how much water you may be doing but if algae has started increasing I would consider doing a 20% water change weekly. I would also suggest not adding any livestock (coral, fish, OR snails) to the tank until conditions improve. I know some people love snails but they have caused more problems for me than they solved. If the algae has only just started after 6 months of feeding the tank with no other changes before your recent coral additions, you could consider experimenting with the coral feeding by dialing it back (maybe just feed the same amounts you are currently feeding, but only once or twice a week) and see what happens. Maybe a coral expert could chime in with further thoughts on feeding. To summarize, my thoughts are:

1. Don't add anything new to the tank
2. 20% weekly water changes