What do orange tile star fish eat?

We just bought our starfish the other day, and we have tried to do some research on him and havent had much luck. Can anyone recommend a good site to look at, or give us a hint to what he may eat? Hope to get some feedback soon....Thanks
anyone have any luck with this kind of star fish? I'd love to have a "real" starfish (not a serpent) but I know i'm intimidated by their requirements..
We have had good success with ours they told us that it would be very hard to keep alive but so far so good. Best thing i can tell you is when you go to purchase it ask who ever is helping you to lay them on there back and see if they attempt to move or roll over if they dont i wouldnt get it.
how long have you had your current starfish out of curiosity. Lots of them appear to be doing well for a few months then just end up dying due to not having the right diet requirements which are usually not really 100% known.
Oone thing with stars is that they need to be acclimated very slowly. They have very delicate systems that can be effected by changes in salinity and nutrients in the water.