Tanks and corals in Md


Reefing newb
I have a 54 corner, stand, glass top and sump- $300


Also have an original Dutch Minireef 135 gallon- $400
No stand, I'll throw in a sump if you want one. The stands were steel and trash so they went to the recycler .You're gonna have to bring a few people with you to move this. I can help, but I have a torn meniscus so I'm limited as to what I can do right now. She's heavy, close to 400 lbs if I had to take a stab at the weight.


I also have 3 skimmers that don't have pumps, I suspect that's the reason I got the tanks so cheap, $20 ea+ shipping. They'd be good for parts if you have a broken one and a good pump. I'll get some pics of those up tonight.
I also have a few corals for sale as well.

Duncan colony, approx 6" and 25 or so heads- $100



Xenia, I have gobs of the stuff, $10 a frag

Octospawn, 3 heads- $50


Always looking for oddball mushrooms or leather.