55 gal reef tank filtering equipment


Reefing newb
So I'm new to saltwater tanks and I'm in need of help on what equipment I need. I have a 55 gallon tank (not drilled) that I'm wanting to make into a reef tank. I plan on using LR and LS and I'll have a light bar, heater, and a power head. I've looked into several different filter systems like sump, canister, etc. I'm limited on space in the cabinet and I could maybe fit a 10-15 gal sump but it would need to be quiet. I'm also trying to keep this on a budget. So with that being said, can someone please give me some advice on what filtering system might work best for this situation and what equipment I would need for it?
If you looking at a fish only with live rock setup usually refers to as FOWLR. A canister filter or a wet dry filter will do fine. If you are planing on keeping corals you will want to stay away from canisters and wet dry filters as they quickly become nitrate factories. A sump on a reef tank is the best way to go but not always necessary. I ran a 36 gallon bow front with nothing but a hang on back skimmer for several years ( not the most attractive) A provides additional water volume which gives you increased stability with the water parameters as well as a blade to hide all the equipment. A properly set up overflow and sump are just as quiet as a high end canister filter.