Suggestions on Wet Dry Filter


Reefing newb
I'm getting a pro-clear wet dry filter (I got it used for a deal) for the 55 gallon tank I'm building which I hope to be a reef tank eventually with LR and LS. I don't plan on using the bio balls in the filter and I will have a protein skimmer in it. What is everyone's opinion on what type of filter media to use in it or best way to utilize this type of filter for a reef tank?
This a a picture of what I'm buying. I'll be throwing out the Bio Balls but I didn't know what filter media to replace it with or if anyone had suggestions on modifying it to be a refugium or a better sump.


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You can replace the bio balls with live rock rubble, or with some macro algae. But make sure you keep it below the water line. The filter pad can be replaced as needed but I would only use one when you need to “polish” the water. The sponge at the bottom I’d replace and leave in it will help keep any debris out of the pump. I would also think about adding another baffle in the filter side to increase the water level for the live rock.
OK. So if I basically turn the entire middle section into a refugium with macro-algae and live rock would you think that replacing the filter pad with bagged activated carbon would be a good idea or not?