Reefing newb
I purchased a few fish from this guy Eric Moennich that owns and also sells fish on EBAY (investing2day) from Hawaii which included pair of Crosshatch,Raccoon butterfly,Morrish idols, yellow tangs and a Achillies Tang. Cost me about $250 just to ship to nearest airport which was fine because of the cost of fish kinda balanced out. I ordered 5 Morrish idols and 4 were DOA and the other died next day, Raccoon was DOA, and Forgot to ship the Achillies. His DOA policy would replace and he said that he forgot to ship the Achillies . I got his phone number so i contact him direct. Says lucky he did not send the Achillies because it died as well. Now he needs to go diving and catch another Achillies which he says that they keep dieing and dieing. Talked to him numerous times to just send my money back for the DOA and the unshipped Achillies.
Now after 8months just giving me a run around and not answering Emails or Phone. All i say BEWARE! yes its cheap but your going to get what you pay for with this Guy!
I'm very sorry to hear about this situation happening to you. It sucks but we've all been there one time or another just keep your head up.