Dead Fish While Away


Reefing newb
So, I'm about to head back home from vacationing and my mom got a phone call from my sitters saying that one of my fish died. The thing is that she forgot which fish it was. :frustrat:
I have a pair of tiny maroons, a sixline and a blue damsel in a divider (returning that fool when I get back). I honestly hope it was the damsel. That bugger has gotten crazy since he's grown.

In all, I hope that it just wasn't one of the maroons. My gf really loves them and is sensitive to sick/dead animals in general.
Can they scoop it out so that it doesn't crash you tank?

Yep they did. I made sure to make a note of that. They said my cleaner shrimp was trying to eat it. I'm not sure if that means it was reaching through the holes in the divider or in the tank munching on it.

I don't think cleaner shrimps will hunt other fish if its hungry will they? The shrimp really eats like a pig.
They will eat fish once they are dead, but I highly doubt it went after the living fish. I'm not sure how it would even kill it!
By the way....your tank description says your tank is in 5 g??? I really hope you meant 20g :shock:

Sorry to hear about whichever fish it ended up dying. I doubt it was the damsel LOL They're nasty little buggers who are like the cockroaches of the sea.....they never die! :mrgreen:
Nope. I'm worried it's one of the clownfish. I'm sure one feeding was good enough, but then again they are babies. Would that mean they need more feedings a day?
So I got back and the tank has sprouted a lot of hair algae. I haven't seen any fish so I'll have to wait till the morning. I got a note that one of the clownfish died though on the day my sitters had to leave for a trip. What bad luck.
oh they where a mated pair right
i dont have the foggiest but i think youd want one about the same size or bigger mabey
oh than try and find another around the same size or a touch smaller
since they are still youngish i think it will be ok
So true. I was hoping I could find a female and maybe keep her in the divider so she can get used to the present one.