Dead Fish While Away

It's possible the damsel attacked this one, along w/ the other clown...just realized though your damsel is isolated. Odd. Maybe he SCARED them to death just by staring :D
Maybe... but if you lost them both then you don't have to worry about the old clownfish getting along with a new one....
True. The damsel is perfectly fine, OF COURSE. Maybe I'll just get a pair of black or regular Perculas, depending on what the LFS has. The clean up crew must be doing a heck of a job, because I can't find any trace of the clown. Lots of hair algae sprouted up though.

Ugh, I might just get a fish to help control the algae. Lawnmower?
Bah lazy snails. The damsel got buff while I was gone. He looks bigger. Dang he got upset and worked out. I knew it!
Emeralds eat green bubble, for hair algae you need to find the cause probably some water problems, or over feeding while you were away, either way do a 20% with some clean RO and then see if you can find the problem.

Astreas do a good job eating hair algae btw, not sure what your cleanup crew looks like but i would invest in a few more, scub the rock clean of what you can then put it back in there let the snails do the rest.
My lawnmower wouldn't touch the LONG hair algae...just the shorter ones. I had to clip mine. Mine also gladly takes the algae sheets I put in for the herbivores.
The damsel is great all by himself. My gf loves him so what can you do.

You can send her to the store, remove the fish, take it back to the LFS for store credit, tell her it jumped out (that they're known to jump, so you don't want anymore) and hope and pray that she never sees this thread.

C'mon you've gotta think on your feet brother!:mrgreen:
Haha I dont have the heart.

I'm leaning to get a new pair of established clowns. More snails would help with the hair algae too.
Ugh LFS now has an awesome Lawnmower Blenny. He was perching everywhere and showing off. He would help greatly with my algae problem. Weird as many sites say they grow rather large, but can still be kept in smaller tanks. I do believe that the fish personality outweighs it looks any day.