Went to the LFS


Do Not Listen To Me!!!
So I was in Tampa this weekend and decided to drop by this place that was right down the road from the car dealer I was at.

Just a note. The Monster Truck show was going on at Tampa Stadium and it took forever to get down Dale Mabry like 30 minutes to go 1 miles no joke. If I knew I would have taken Himes which run parallel to it. My mistake. The worst part is the car has XM Traffic.

So I went and bought some algae in the form of the green grass as I call it. Tossed it in my refugium. The guy told me that I am just lucky all my critters and goby haven't died during my part 2 of the package cycle. I do have high Nitrates but whatever. He kept telling me to watch the Nitrites.

I was going to buy some chocolate chip starfish but he said to wait. I have 2 starfish now that are doing ok and anyone who read about my 2 anenomes they are doing fine it seems and eat a chunk of shrimp every other day.

So they had a snail that was like the size of a baseball and some clams that were $400 the size of a newborn baby. I was more shocked to see a snail that big.

He didn't care for the Gulf Rock saying it was the pests. He had a new disply tank he was setting up and it was just what looked like dry rock and it was getting dirty looking. He said its been 2 weeks and he doesn't even pay attention to it for now. He was like I am weeks away from aquascaping.

His tanks were really clean looking and he had one with like a 1.5 foot shark.

Nice place though. He sold me some stuff for my Alk/PH to keep it steady and told me to use it and also that I could use the Purple up if I wanted to right now.

Everyone has there own style but I usually don't mind listening to a shop that has as nice a set up as this place did. It was packed too.

I am going back there for sure to get at least 2 Choc Stars and my brother wants to buy me these green crabs he saw that I didn't. He said they looked like a regular crab with armor. He said they were cleaning stuff.

The shop had a ton of those pendant MH lights you see for like $169. I would think about them but it is a no go in the living room. I tried to say I would make it look nice but that didn't work. I am still looking to get some 6x54 T5's which he said even with my tank I should be able to support like 80% of the corals. Not hard of course.

I was thinking I would like to only keep a few fish maybe like 5 and fill the tank with more interesting critters and not too many corals as long as the colors are striking.

I figured it would be less to take care of the critters with less fish and plus I like watching the critters and not the fish going back and forth.

Don't get me wrong I want nice fish I just would like to keep it simple and interesting.

This guy I know has tons of fake decor that looks pretty real and only fish and he has no trouble keeping the tank as opposed to mixing in all the other stuff.

Ok thanks for reading. Any thoughts?
Skip the chocolate chip stars. They are not reef safe -- they will eat corals, inverts, fish, anything they can grab. You probably don't need to be adding anything for pH/alk at this point. Watch your parameters closely -- it is very easy to overdose on those additives.
Nah too lazy. He had them in the tanks with everything else. Weird but I wont be then.

I found a gorilla crab today and it was sort of big like 2 nickels and I don't know how I missed him and haven't seen it for so long and I had a tiny one in my hand but the powerhead blew him away and I didn't have my glove on so I was like whatever for now.

Need to get that screw pick up tool soon. Too back they don't make plastic ones.