SPS Extension


Reefing newb
Hey guys, I just got some new SPS and I have often wondered what "good" polyp extension really is. I see some photos that look like 1-2" of extension, but the photo doesn't give you an idea of how large the coral actually is. Is good extension measured by inches or is it 1/4" 1/8"?
Sps...... There is a vast amount of sps, some have great pe and some has limited. If you provide the genius of the coral, I'd be able to help.
Phosphate and nitrate reduction, skimming, macro all help with pe.
Very true, I should have been more specific. I don't know the scientific names b/c the LFS I got them from didn't have them labeled. I know I have two different color montipora (red and green), stylo, and a birds nest. I can post pictures if that would help.
Some birdsnest can give you some extension, but nothing of an inch. I would say a max of 1 cm and stylo will be the same. Montis pe is very small and you won't notice unless youre right on it.
If you seen something with massive pe, I would believe it would be hairy milli or a type of tenius.
Thanks for the info, I have always wondered when ppl talk about that how much I should look for. I am having a heck of a time getting my red monti to be happy in my tank. I moved it all over the place (gradually) and the edges are still turning white. My blue monti is happy and my other sps are fine. Params are within check and don't fluctuate. I ordered an RW-15 pump as I think my flow might be on the low side, any ideas?
The edges of a Monti should be white, it is new growth.
If it is larger amount (more than 1/2 an inch) I would blame that on alk swing or predator. Check out monti eating nudibranch, they too can cause many issues.
Here is a shot of the coral in question...