Smitty's Reef

it's ok. time to downgrade to a 57 rimless with all high end equipment. pair of radions, mp 10, and reef octopus xp1000sss with a 40b for sump. do that for a couple of years then look for a 180+ since i'll have colonies and not frags. lol where are the fts? i need some pic to cope. lol
Man props to you on your tank. I'm very inspired, looks like a magazine photo!:D Do you just stack your rock free or attach them with something?
Thank you...I stack the rocks freely, Tetris style.
all I hear is that music now lol.....

Sorry I've been so busy since I've gone back to work full duty status...but I've been working on my tank getting everything back into order. I finally got my magnesium back down and was finally able to get a clean up crew to eliminate all that algae. All my corals are starting to look happy again, and the sps's are starting to recover back and grow. Here's a few updated pics I just snapped.