Smitty's Reef


Reef pro
Alright guys, as you all know, my reef was wiped out a few weeks ago...and I was able to savage my equipment and until I buy me another house and set up a larger tank, I decided to rebuild another reef for now...

Here is a pic of 110lbs of dead bleached rock that I savaged from my old reef. It has been sitting in this tub for a few weeks now. I do daily water changes and added prime to the tub after each change. I scraped off all the dead coral and the protein skimmer has pulled lots of gunk out of the water...maybe tomorrow I'll remove the rocks and place it inside the tank.
YEEHAAWW. You excited? hehe

Yes, I am really excited...I couldn't sleep at all last night, I kept thinking about how I was gonna do the aquascaping and what type of lighting I want. My mind was just racing all night. So now, I just finished rinsing the 20lbs of sand I bought yesterday. Let the fun begin!
Ok...I put pre-mixed water in the tank yesterday and I also bought 2 pieces of live rock to help seed mine...the water has cleared up very well. The skimmer has been foaming all night, and the temp is at 79*. So now we play the waiting game...wait for a complete cycle so I can start adding my cuc. While I'm waiting, gonna start looking around for a new light.