Slugs? Any one have a pic?


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Hi, got a pipe organ coral that closed up on me while on vacation. Come to really look it has several slug like creatures on it. Not, sure, what a slug looks like. But, it is white with 2 tenticles above the face. One was about 1/4 in long and saw several babies. No shell. No lettucy look either like a nudibranch. Felt it it was soft. Tryed pulling it off, broke it in I took the coral, took it to my sink and run as close to the same temp water over it really well. Rinsed off what I could see. I am sure there will be more. It sure looked infested. Nice big coral head. Sad thing is it has also a real pretty yellow sponge growing on the underside. Which is probably done for as sponge dont like air. The coral is in my quarantine tank. Any one have a pic of a slug? Or info? No nothing..........
A nudibranch is a sea slug and vice versa.If what you have has no shell than its a sea slug/nudibranch.Stomatella snails have a half shell that kinda looks like a fingernail.

There are many kinds of nudibranches and practically all are specialize feeders,meaning they feed on one thing.Some only eat zoanthids,some only algae and some only eat aiptasia.There are quite a few coral predators.

Is/has your pipe organ looking sickly lately?If so,it could very well be those nudibranches you found on the pipe organ colony.I would check the colony again for white egg sacks.
Yes, it was looking alil weepy just before I left. Also came in after working in the garden and more lil babies on the darn thing. So, now its in a bowl with alil iodine. Have decided not to put back in my tank. If this is nudibranch/slug how can I get rid of them. Does anything find them good to eat?
Some wrasses will eat them.But thats a 50/50 shot.Fresh water baths will usually take out some of the adult nudis.Iodine usually wont do any thing.I'd suggest to continue the fresh water dips.
Some this nudi, slug? Notice all the lil hatchlings on the sick pipe coral...or dead pipe coral?
What are they?


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Did you see all the white lil ones babies in there? Since the coral looks dead, should I scrap it, rather than put all that in my main tank?
I'm not sure it was wise to freshwater rinse/dip pipe organs.Most corals can't handle freshwater dips,some corals like zoanthids,palythoas and some sps corals can handle it.

Looks like nudibranches to me too.I call it a loss or put it in QT,I wouldn't put it back in the display.