Sick Anemone?

Emily Scoggins

Reefing newb
My anemone over the past couple of days has gone completely down hill. Woke up to it this morning with a swelled look to its feet and bubble look almost. His top is completely closed currently. He detached himself from his rock a couple of days ago and went to a corner of our tank and just kinda laid there. We just had one of our clownfish decide to host him. I've noticed the clownfish biting at his feet the other day.... not sure what that was about. Yesterday evening I put the anemone into a separate area (almost like a breeder box but we made it out of an old container to catch worms and stuff in for children). I'm not really sure what to do at this point. He did look like he was bubbling at the mouth which I know is a sign of a dying anemone, but he seems to have stopped doing that since hes been put into a separate area. All of our levels are reading out perfectly currently.