Ich, Velvet or something else?


Reefing newb
Came home to a kole tang that looks like it's dying and I'm missing my lyretail anthia. The kole I barely got a glimpse of but what I could see of it it was breathing heavy and I barely got a glimpse of it but it looked like it had a couple white patches on it.

I also have a sailfin tang that looks covered in either velvet or ich, not sure which. I uploaded a few pics and a video to show what it looks like and maybe it can be identified. Also have a coral beauty that has a splattered white patch behind one of it's fins. I have several other fish that don't appear to be affected by this just yet. Any ideas?

Do any of them have like a white hue around there fins? That is more the noticeable velvet look. Brooklynella and velvet usually dont look like specs more like areas taken over by white fungus.

To me that looks like ich. Considering your tang has it does not surprise me. I had a blue tang that got all my fish sick once upon a time.

The one thing i must note is the fish are eating. The only way for them to fight it off is for them to eat and be healthy.

The concerns you should have. You should be testing your water params every couple days make sure everything is perfect.

Next is the fishes diet make sure they are getting flake food, frozen and algae from a clip. Garlic onto the frozen food or soaking the flake food in it may also help amp there immune systems.

2 big things though. Eating/diet and water params. Only way to kick the evil ick. I had it really bad and lost a clown fish but everything else survived and i dont have any traces of it now.
That was like a month and a half ago. By the time I got the medicine they needed and got them moved over to a quarantine tank, I had four fish left out of 12. Now a month and a half later I have just two that survived the medicated period. My blonde naso and a coral beauty. Not sure which of the diseases I was but the two I have left look great now. Moved back into the display but I won't be getting anything else for a couple months. When that time comes and they still look good, I'll look into restocking but not before then. Just another case that reinforces the rule "quarantine all new inhabitants"!