Sick Clown


Reefing newb

A clown fish in my moms 65 gallon aquarium hasn't been eating well for over a week. He used to be the pig of the tank and then stopped eating and starting staying in a corner. My mom contacted our LFS and they said maybe fin rot (I looked at the picture and cant see any signs of fin rot). The fish was taken out of the main tank put in the hospital tank then treated with a general anti-fungal/anti bacterial. I am not sure what my mom used it was from our LFS. After treatment appetite did not improve. My mom remembered that the cleaner shrimp was paying more attention to the clown prior to its loss of appetite so the LFS recommended an anti-parasite medication. There was a week or so between treatments i believe. After treatment the clown is more active (placed back into the DT) but still does not seem to be eating. The clown is still looking healthy and doesn't look skinny yet. But its been awhile now without eating and I am wondering if its time to euthanize this little guy :( but before I did I was wondering if anybody else had any ideas.

There are only 4 fish in the tank and he is the king of the tank so bullying is not the issue. He has been in the tank for roughly a year. No new additions. I do not have exact water parameters my mom checked it and took a sample to the fish store and they said it was fine also.

Pictures below are in order: In DT before treatment, treatment while in hospital tank, and back in DT.

Judging by that film on him it may be brooklynela. Also known as clownfish disease. Only way I know to get rid of it is a formalin dip. Very potent stuff so read up on it before you try it.
Thanks for the response. I am not sure if that is a film on him or just dirty glass. I will get my mom to take another picture tonight.
could be an internal parasite. if that's the case you're seeing the effects of it. honestly dont know if there is much you can do. Early stages of Brooklynella is still a possibility.
Thanks for your help. My mom euthanized him tonight. He has been sick for the last 3 weeks or so and none of the two treatments for varying illnesses made a difference :( He was my first fish too.
Sorry to hear that. Part of the hobby sadly. I had just bought a bicolor earlier this week, right after I put him in the tank he visited my anemone and that was that