Sexy Shrimp


Scientific name - Thor amboinensis

Family – Hippolytidae

Common name – Anemone Shrimp

Range - Indo-Pacific, Indonesia

Max Size – 1 in (2.5 cm)

Care Level – Easy

Temperament – Peaceful

Foods and feeding – This shrimp will scavenge food from the aquarium, but will appreciate small treats of meaty bits.

Supplements - Calcium, Magnesium, Iodine, Trace Elements

Aquarium suitability -

Reef Compatibility – yes

Author's Note: While considered by most to be reef safe, I would consider them reef safe with caution. Two of the shrimp that I had were notorious coral eaters, the especially enjoyed trying to eat my plate coral. I had to keep a small PVC pipe by the tank to shoo them away from the plate coral. They particularly enjoyed eating LPS and a few SPS corals, however moving the coral away from their "house" fixed the problem. I believe they were trying to clean off the slime coat of the corals, like they would from a host anemone, but instead of benefiting the coral, their attentions resulted in tissue necrosis.

Captive care – Their name comes from the dance they do. They are hosted by SPS corals and anemones, but don’t require them for survival. They do best when kept in a group and in a small tank with inhabitants that wont eat them. They are hardy and fun additions to a nano tank. Like all invertebrates, they are extremely sensitive to nitrates and copper, and should only be kept in aquariums with pristine water conditions.


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