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Reefing newb
Hey everyone!

My name is Jessy and I am a student in Orlando, Florida. I am not a zoologist, however that is the moniker I've used on all pet/animal forums.

I recently acquired my dad's saltwater set up when he passed away. I downsized it from a 55 gallon to a 29 gallon. I kept his picasso clownfish, bangeii cardnial, yellow tang, and dotty back. The other tank inhabitants as well the aquarium went to another local hobbyist.

The tank is sparsely set up with a couple pieces of live rock, crushed coral and sand. It is being filtered by a rena filstar xp1.

I am very very new to the world of salt water aquariums! While we always had one in the house growing up and I would watch my dad change water, add fish and corals, and curse when the thing overflowed i never actually took care of one before. I am very interested in learning and hopefully setting up a beautiful tank!

Along with my salt water aquarium I also keep a 55 gallon with my red ear slider turtle, Torti. A 5 gallon with 2 island apple snails and 2 florida apple snails ( a favorite of mine). a small bioOrb with a crayfish, 2 cats, 2 rats, and a spoiled house rabbit.
Welcome to Living Reefs.
Were all happy to help with any questions you may have. I( as most will) agree with Mario, the tang really needs a much larger area to swim in order to stay happy and healthy.
Hello and welcome to the site (and the hobby).

Sorry for your loss. At least you can keep a little piece of him with you.