Seahorses are HERE!!!!

You have quite the tank there! I've been lurking these forums before I even registered and your thread on Seahorses was one of my favorites! Not only you have beautiful seahorses but I really like how you incorporated all the macroalgae in your tank as well. I've always been interested in making a tank where it had LR, LS, and an array of marine plants as well. I think it adds diversity and makes a took look visually appealing! You have done a superb job with your tank! And I wish you luck on your seahorse endeavors!
Thank you so much! We are expecting babies on wednesday and i have made a very ghetto nursery ward to collect them in so hopefully i can raise some.
Ok, here they are!

ok i am extremely jealous i want some seahorses..... there to bloody expensive at my LFS and i am to paranoid to order online. but congrats hope they are doing ok if not AWESOMELY!!! any ways have a great day :D

One of the members, Picasso, knows a great place for information on seahorse keeping as well as an extremely reliable place to buy seahorses on the net.
You really shouldnt buy seahorses from you LFS unless you can be absolutely sure that they have been captive breed. Wild caught and tanked raised seahorse can have all sorts of problems, and if they arent eating frozen there you are going to have to go commit to getting live food for them, which can very tricky and expensive.

However, they ship really well and they are pretty hardy - if they have been captive breed and trained to eat frozen.

BUT! you should not just by them on a whim, they are not difficult to take care of but they do have special needs. They are not an after-thought fish, they require dedication. They also require a tank set up for their different needs.

While a tall tank is very good for them, you tank is still too small for most seahorse pairs, and they should not live alone. They like to live in herds.

If you are interesting in keeping seahorse please do your research, they are awesome and i love them, but they are not for everyone