Seahorses are HERE!!!!


After waiting and waiting and waiting all day for FedEx to get here, they finally got here!

Two baby erectus seahorses!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are looking good and temperature acclimating now. Will post pics later tonight!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, here they are!

Not much to see, camera sucks : (

here they are in the bag upon arrival

And here they are in their "training tank"
They are eating frozen mysids. And they dont have names yet, i was thinking of going with roman/greek god theme.
Got any suggestions for the pair? (girl/guy pair)
Not Roman but how about Duke and Dutchess (if a male and female)

Did you get them at your LFS? How big are they? Curious cause I want some!!!!!
Hmmm . . . . i will have to see if they live up to the names.

I got them from Dan and Abby at They are best IMO. They have really great pricing and are really involved in the seahorse scene. They have taken all of my calls and answered everything with great knowledge and patience. Plus they are also captive bred, making them much hardier than the wild caught ones and they are eating frozen when you get them.

Right now they are maybe 3 inches long, and they get to be about 6 inches. They are only 4 months old.

Cute little buggers.
oh, are you thinking of the dwarfs?

Those guys are so tiny, i just love them as well. Once i get this 46 gal together, i want to make them their own pico tank. I think a few people are planing on doing them in the pico contest so im doing something different.

Plus id like to build some sort of shrimp hatcher for the tank so they arent quite so much work before i get them.