Seahorse tank


Reefing newb
Im thinking about starting a seahorse/pipefish tank and was wondering if anyone on here has experience with it. Can you mix different kinds of seahorses? IE like a dwarf and a regular sized one?
seahorses are a LOT of work.... talk about finicky eaters. you might try mastering a FOWLR before moving into more advanced livestock.

just my .02, best of luck to you in whatever you pursue!
Dwarf and Regular Seahorses have different food requirements. Dwarfs need freshly hatched brine shrimp all the time and Regulars as long as they're captive bread will usually eat frozen mysis shrimp that's been enhanced. They have to be feed several times a day.

Winyfrog has pipefish. So of those are much easier, I think.
i dont know anything about either, but they are georgeous creatures, good luck!!and take lots and lots of pictures for us!
My sister had them. As you see I said Had. They survived almost a year.They are pretty hard. Lots of water changes very time consuming.
Seahorses are a bit of a challenge they require perfect water conditions. Do not ever purchase one that is wild caught, they are almost impossible to feed.

If you choose to do seahorses ask your LFS to feed them for you. Or purchase from they have several tank raised species and can give you good info on proper tanks for them.

Pipe fish are much easier to keep but need to have copepods in the aquarium for them to munch on all day. Most will take frozen food but that will not sustain them for long periods of time. Let me know if you have any other questions, I can go on and on and on..... :)
I have been wanting some myself and my research provided the same results as stated above. Good luck and keep us posted!