Saltwater Build Updated


Reefing newb
Thanks to all the replies in my last thread but I thought I would start a new one here.

I went ahead and took my 55G tank back and invested some money. I bought a 72G Bow Front that is Reef Ready (Drilled with Overflow) and I bought the plumbing kit for it. My next step is the lights. I have finally decided to run a reef system. I plan on buying these lights and please let me know if any are better for cheaper or if you know of a cheaper place to buy them. here is the link.

48 inch 4 lamp Coralife Lunar Aqualight T5 Lighting Fixture Coralife Lunar Aqualight T5 Light Fixture

Next is going to be the sump that I will be using. Here is the link to it.

RS_100 | ESHOPPS - Manufacturer of Aquarium Filtrations

Here is the Skimmer I want to use...

PSK_100 | ESHOPPS - Manufacturer of Aquarium Filtrations

And the return pump...

Danner Mag-Drive Supreme 7 700 GPH Water Pump

Is that mag #7 pump too powerful?

If you guys know of anything better and cheaper, please let me know and it will be appreciated.
good selection in equipment, however I might skip the sump and just build your own...those premade ones tend to have a small area for equipment

I don't think that pump will be too much but you could go down to a 500GPH if you want, that's what I run on my 75G and it works perfect
So would that be good start up equipment for a beginner like me or would you use something different? Should I use a sump or a refugium?
What kind of coral are you planning on keeping ( softies, LPS, SPS)? A four bulb system on your tank will allow you to keep softies and some LPS which you may have to keep higher in the tank. If you plan on housing more light demanding things (clam, anemone and some SPS) then you are going to want more t5 bulbs or add a couple MH's or LEDs. Set yourself up to succeed.

I would use a sump and if you want to use a refugium as well that can be an added bonus.

You just want to make sure your return pump isn't pumping more water than you are discharging to your sump. When you plumb your return line install a ball valve between your return pump and your display tank in case you need to throttle your pump back any.

As far as skimmers I always try and get one that is rated for around twice my water volume. I don't know anything about the skimmer your looking at but a good skimmer goes a long way in this hobby.

You are also going to need a few power heads to circulate more flow in your display tank.
I definantly want to raise softies and some LPS corals. I am going to wait on SPS corals until I get a lot more expirence. Can I find a ball valve especially made for aquariums or could I find one at my local hardware store?
I like to use the union ball valve PVC. I use these so I don't have to cut the pipe to get it out if need be but you can use a different kind if you prefer ---- you should be able to pick up one anywhere that sells plumbing. Enjoy your build!
Between the two you listed I would go with the t5. I know money is important but if you skimp on the lights you will be upgrading them down the road. You wouldn't be happy with those LEDs b/c they are only 1 watt bulbs-----these are some of the best valued out there and they are 3 watt bulbs so you get a lot more bang for your buck reefbreeders Keep in mind you would need two of these units over a 48" tank but you can keep any kind of light demanding creature you want under them. LED bulbs do not need to be replaced every year like t5 bulbs do nor do they use as much electricity. I know decisions, decisions:shock:
I would go with the 6 bulb version of the coralife fixture. I have the 4 bulb, and it is great...but I would definitely like to have purchased the 6 bulb to begin with. Better to have more light than not enough. You'll thank yourself later.
LEDs can be difficult to understand, but I would say that if the LEDs themselves are not 3watts each, then they probably aren't worth your time. Lower watt LEDs won't support your future SPS habit :)