Reef Octopus Extreme SX 250 Protein Skimmer


Do Not Listen To Me!!!
My new Reef Octopus Extreme SX 250 Protein Skimmer is out for delivery right now. WOOT TOOT!!!!

Anyone else have one?

Just looking to talk to someone who has one.

I got my 75Gal tank all cleaned up to make my sump so I had to wait till I got it in my hand to start the build. You know to make sure I have decent room for this hog.

Hell yeah I am pumped up for this thing. I can finally begin my march toward getting my 220Gal up and running. YYAYAYAYYA!!!!
Thanks for the confidence. I will start taking pix of my work but I was almost tempted to wait till I got the cycling started to post so it doesn't get 1000 pages between stuff.

I am going to be using the One and Only for it. Dr. Tim sent me the Ammonia Chloride because I am doing a fishless cycle. I told him I was going to do this on here so people can see if it works or not.
I have the 200 model, and it seems good. The nitrates don't go up, and it produces dark gunk. The only problem I see is that it doesn't produce much gunk, but what it does, is very dark.
I was looking at the bubble blaster type but decided to go with this one. 2 pumps has to be better I thought.

This is supposed to be a nice set-up with the 2 pumps though so I am going to say I think it will serve my 220 pretty well.

Either way both kick ass and are much nicer than the Coralife 125 I have now. I was going to have to use that until I bought a new one but not anymore.

I can sell it with my other tank as a whole set-up now, or maybe keep it as a back up if this breaks and until I get it fixed/replaced. It's better than nothing I suppose.