New with saltwater- help please =]


Reefing newb
Hey guys, I am new at this forum and new with the saaltwater tank. I do have experience with fresh water for more than 10 years.
Right now I wanna try fish only like percula, scarlet cleaner shrimp, firefish etc' and in the future ill try make reef tank with Anemone etc'
So, My tank is 80cm length
35cm Height
35cm width
around 25 us gallon (96 liter) and I can't buy bigger one right now..

I don't have any room to bring outside sump, and I don't wanna make inside sump so I will rely on filter but, I don't really know wich one should fit to my tank.. I heard that the AquaClear power filter 50 should do the job? or I am wrong? can someone give me good filter thou? (what about eheim liberty 200/130?)

And about the protein skimmer.. I've got the oceanic bio cube protein skimmer, is it enough and good to my tank? if not, someone can give me good one that should do the work?
Welcome aboard.

I would toss the biocube skimmer away. Relying on a piece of lime wood and changing it out each month for what it produces. Not worth it.

I am not a fan of canister filters 'biofilter' for saltwater. The don't work on my pond and I wouldn't use them on my saltwater set up.
Honestly just stick to w/c's.
i keep a aquaclear 110 on my 29 gal qt, with a hang on back reef octopus rated for 110 gal. the extra water motion is good. i dont have to put extra water pumps on it. i think more is better then less