Putter's first tank

Thanks Lion, and indeed I will Biff, was bad enough last night when I was all ready to beat a $35 dollar fish to shave a $16 dollar shrimp LOL.

really I didn't want to shave the shrimp...but saving it had crossed my mind,,,,and thanks Doc it is a great sence of pride to watch it grow, couldn't have done it with out the great advice from the folk here at LR tho.....thanks again to all for helping me out:Cheers:
Well almost home from vacation, a one day layover and another 3 hrs of flying and home I will be. While here in Edmonton I took the advantage of purchasing corals that I could actualy see first hand, was nice to be able to look at the actual coral rather than a pic. So $500 later I have a good variety of new corals, they will be shipped to me in a couple days. Called the fish sitter and it sounds like all went well while I was gone, nothing died :). Will be sure to post pics of the new corals and clam when I get them in the tank.
You know you got it bad,when you go on vacation and buy corals.Then have them shipped back home.
Sounds like a nearly perfect vacation to me.
Was a great vacation, could have done with out the 4 hr layover in New York and the 2 hr wait in Minneapolis, but the cruise was great, did some snorkeling and such checked out some coral and fish in the natural habbitat so all was great, looking forward to getting home now tho, should be there by 9:30 tomorrow morning :)
Hmmmm let's see if I can remember them now, Cabbage coral, 4 feather dusters, a large fuzzy mushroom, ummmm.....a clam, colt coral and if I remember correctly the last one is a orange colored zoo. Also I am looking to purchase my last fish for the tank, have been thinking a purple tang but now I am not sure, any suggestions? I would like much to have a vividly colored fish of some king, you know, the one that makes you go....WOW every time you look at it, just not sure what that would be.:question:
Sorry for the lack of photos, been a stress filled stretch since vacation, had to leave home on short notice and while I was gone the tank got a little warm and I lost half a dozen corals or so, the fish all made it but the corals were just wasted. Got back and did several water changes in a week, ordered some new corals again, and got them all placed. Now a week ago one of the power supplies blew up and only half my tank has light. I managed to get most of the corals moved to the side with light but was not able to move all, the remaining corals seem to be ok so far but not sure how much longer they will last. With the last coral order I also purchased 3 barttlets, one male 2 female, while I was moving the male from the shipping bag to the tank the little shit jumped out of the bag, hit me in the chest and then splatted on the floor....scooped him up and put him in the tank and watched him start to swim around.....scared the crap outta me. One of the females has since perished. Well there is my over due rant....I will get more photos once the light is back in operation.
Wow that sucks Putter. Sorry to hear that. Do you know what caused the overheating? I'm sorry to hear about your losses. I hope you get back on your feet soon.
The overheating was simply because I forgot to turn the AC on before I left for the week, I have no chiller on the tank at all so I count on the homes AC system to keep the tank cool. The fish sitter heard the alarm, but the alarm is not constent, so he would hear it when comming into the house to feed or at some point during, it would then stop. He didn't realize then that the temp could not go that high. He knows now what the alarm is all about and how to turn the AC on in the house and what the temp of the tank should be at to stay safe.
sorry for the lack of posts, been a busy summer thus far for me. Now that I have a few moments, here is a short post. I HATE my coral beauty!!! lol I know I was taking a chance when I put him in the tank, and he was so good for soooo long but alass, he has turned into a coral muncher!!! I have a trap ordered and he is going to become part of the sump works!! that is until I can find a home for him. At least I hope I can find a home for him. Other than the CB eating the corals in my tank all else seems to be going well, lotsa purple coraline showing up, all the other critters seem to be doing fine. Will try to keep the posts up now, but summer is not over yet and there are many things that need to be accomplished yet before winter arrives. later folks.
Well a couple months have past and you sound in a much better mood. Wish I was closer I'd send you a few things. used to fish Dog Lake and I know by the end of August at times it would snow. So your running out of summer, keep busy.
Again I return, lol this time with a new tank in the works, a plain rectangular GLASS tank, 137 gallon including the overflow box. Of course it was damaged in the shipping and I have been awaiting a claims settelment for over 4months now. The floor of the overflow box was/is cracked, which I guess is ok because I am still trying to find the time to build the stand, I have managed to build a box to put the storage water and new sump into, bought all the pvc pipe and fittings that I think I will need, now to get the stand built and ready for when the tank is repaired so I can actualy put the new system into operation! Now I will be moving all my rock and want to know the best way to get rid of the Aptasia that has started to take over the tank and also some advice, on a new light being as the PFO light I now own is belly up and unable to supply parts for those that purchased them. Thanks in advance and I sure hope to have some time to hang out here again!
Welcome back, putter! I have used Apitasia-X to treat the aiptasia and I have had moderate success. It's tough and you have to keep at it every 3-4 days. I too have had a PFO Solaris light and needed parts. I replaced it with a Current Outer Orbit T5/MH combo system and I have actually been happier.
This Apitasia x you speak of, does it kill the bacteria on the rock as well? If I was to put all my rock into buckets for a week and dose this several times in that week would that be effective to get rid of this stuff, will it hurt the other living beings on or in the rock, will it hurt the fish and inverbates when all are introduced to the new tank? As far as the light goes, I would really like something that simulates the solar set up as the led system does now, I hear that there are some new light systems that will do this, has anyone heard of these?
The aiptasia-x is actually somethin you have to inject-- feed- directly at the anemonies... they eat it, then it solidifies and they die. So it isn't something you just dump in the water and wait. I had pretty decent results from using it, but then I think I caught the aptasia pretty early on, so there weren't many anemonies to kill.

good luck!