Putter's first tank

I do love the lunar lights, anyhow, a couple tanks shots just to keep me active :P


Thanks for all the compliments :) it is certainly a nice sence of pride when things work the way they should....now if only the luck holds out for me.
Purchased a couple cleaner shrimp and a orange spot gobie, long tenticale plate and an austrailian acanthastrea, all seem to be ok, the coral beauty went to the shrimp as soon as it got to the bottom of the tank and the 2 have been messing about since then, at first I thought the fish was trying to eat the shrimp but then noticed the shrimp was actualy riding around on the fish....interesting act that is!
Thanks Lion, and indeed I will Biff, was bad enough last night when I was all ready to beat a $35 dollar fish to shave a $16 dollar shrimp LOL.
great pics. it is cool to see your tank changing and growing. Great camera angles and I love the colors of the tank