Pump still good?


Reefing newb
I'm looking to get a mag drive 2400 for a really good deal for my 180 I'm putting together. Only problem ist he impeller on it, the magnet has swollen and cracked the shaft making it not want to spin and take in water. The pump does still hum when you plug it in. Should a new impeller be the only problem with the pump? I don't want to get it and blow money I can put on a new one so if I'm going to pay $45 for a new impeller, I need to be sure this pump is going to work.
i would say buy a new if you can an impeller may fix it but for how long nobody knows i played the used pump deal tested it for weeks put my sump in 8 hours later my pump took a shit lol just my 2 cents worth
If the plastic cracked, and the magnet rusted and swelled, the just replace it and you will be fine. Mag pumps are virtually bullet proof. The only draw backs are they use a lot of energy, and radiate heat into the water. I have had a pair of Mag 9.5 pumps in my tank for over 10 years now, and they are both still going like new.