Tank sell-off.


Reefing newb
Shut down the 180 and need to sell off what's left of it. Only posting stuff I can actually ship. Still have all the live rock that was in the tank but I don't want the hassle of shipping it. Here's what's left:

Two Jebao WP-40 wavemakers. $60 each or both for $100.

ASM G2 protein skimmer. It has a pretty new pump since I replaced the old one about six months ago. $125.

Quiet One 6000 pump. Used as main return pump from sump. $60.

Mag drive 7 pump. Hardly used and works great. $65.

Mag Drive 24 pump. $100

BRS dual reactor for carbon and GFO. I got this maybe four months ago and it works wonders. $75.

BRS 4 stage RODI water filter system. $75.

JBJ ATO Auto top-off system. $50.

Advanced Acrylics frag tank. 20"x20" and 8" high. It has a rear overflow chamber. $150

Aquaillumination Prime LED light. $175.

Jebao RW-4 wave maker. $40.