Picture of the day.

I have changed my background on my computer so many times because of this thread its stupid lol

Thank you. its really feels good to start a great thread that will keep going And I hope it I inspires all to take photos :mrgreen: Ive got a few I took tonight. Hoping they turned out
If I could post pictures on here I would. Unfortunately my camera wasnt fully closed on my last dive and apparently you CAN water damage a water proof camera by doing that LOL
This thread is great, I love it
Here's my Grandmother finally in bloom. This Daylily was bred by Jack Kent at the potting shed and named after my Grandmother, Amy Price.

Im going to get daring here and post a pic.

The beach here at home. There are so many pics that I love I could post one every twn minutes but this one is just why I love sunset on the beach.
I love the yellow watchman Dana, he is handsome.

I wanted to get one for my seahorse tank but ended up getting a yashi he is still pretty small but I loved the red and white and the yellow on the fins. I wish goby's didn't fight I would love to put one of these in my established tank.