Pods aka Copepods Amphipods- Fantastic Source of Live Food for my lavendar SeaHorse



I am always amazed when I take pictures of my seahorses. I move the plants that are in with the seahorses to get the shot and under the rock the plants are growing on, the rock is covered with pods. But I have noticed that those rocks are free of that nasty gray fuzzy algae.

This is just one of the many ways we get to witness the circle of life within our aquariums. I am always reminded that the Conservation of Energy holds true in every facet of life. Energy can neither be created or destroyed - but it does change forms. Going from light energy to plant energy - then the pods eat so now they are the keepers of the energy and then the seahorses eat the pods - Energy continues its course as the seahorse excretes waste which in turn feeds the plants and other microscopic organisms.

Having a balanced eco system is a key component to the success of a reef tank. Adding layers of mouths (varying sizes of animals) within the ladder of life residing in your aquarium will allow for a greater, richer experience of the circle of life.

As the pod population increases, baby pods provide essential nutrition for developing corals. If you are diligent and persevere and experience the gift of life with a mated pair of fish, the larvae will sustain life to the point you will have the joy of seeing your babies actually thrive - for some of us - this is a an experience right next to having your own children or grandchildren. The creation of an eco system in which captive animals can and will successfully reproduce is a testament to your dedication - Kudos - reaching the height of reef keeping is the ability to sustain life and the species without the negative impact.

Live food is a key component in the process and since pods reproduce every 7-10 days it is reasonable to expect a wonderful supply within just a few short months.

Enjoy your tank - and as we say at Reefs2go.com ....... Be The Fish!