Picture of the day.

I'd like to keep this as serious as possible. All BS aside. Lately, because ive finally figured my camera out, ive shot alof of my tank. BUT.... ive always loved to shoot rather than to be shot persay. I can take 200 pictures and only one turn out right. I would LOVE to see a thread that is ONE picture a day per person...ID also like the THANK YOU'S to come when you post your next picture. This should be any picture you have taken....anywhere...of anything.....i will start with the best pic today which was of my emerald crab:mrgreen: (lets keep it PG here too ppl):Cheers: Lets see the real photographer in you. Spring is apon us...

(remember no limits....just make it a GOOD pic in YOUR eyes) Im excited...:bounce:

Dana its a good idea i like it! Ill have to see if i can contribute here sometime.

love the emerald crab! I had 3 at one point. couldnt even tell you if they are still in my tank they never were out.
Anything at all.....project at work...your new tattoo....... your childs school project.....an empty bottle u just drank ....dust... If it makes a good pic let's see em. 1 a day!!!!!!
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id feel like i was cheating if i just posted a previously taken picture. thats not really the idea behind this right? same day sharing right?
Not masseuse just wanted tor regulate the thread so If someone was having a bad day or new to the site the say hey that thread has 100,000 views I'll check it out..I take Alot of pics so either way I'll keep this going lol
this one is nothing special from a awesome photographer standpoint, but Its funny every morning my son wakes me up, then crawls under the bed with the dog. I decided I needed to finally take a picture of it this morning.