Picture of the day.

Possible to keep fish and a mantis, you just have to be very wary.
Then again as i always seem to be saying, it all comes down to personality.
Oh, then why is there a fish in it?

Because it doesn't eat fish unless the fish sits in front of him. Then he'd hit it just because...my damsel sleeps inside the rocks with the mantis in there just fine. Only a slasher mantis will eat fish. Bashers eat crabs, snails, shrimp. My mantis couldn't catch that damsel unless the damsel sat right in front of him and that damsel might be dumb but not that dumb.
I spent the day at my aunt's cabin Sunday... here's a couple of the view...


I took this about a year ago, with my phone . . . shitty cheap ass phone at that. I could never do this again if i tried. But anyways, we were having duels with bottle rocks .. .