Painting Back of Tank


Reefing newb
Two weeks and $200 later I finally got my stand built and I'm ready to place the tank. I have a good six inches of space behind the tank to the wall I built my stand in front of. Now all I see is my tan colored wall and that's what I'll see once I get the tank up and running and that would be ugly. I was thinking of painting the back of the tank. Are there any other options? Maybe get one of those backgrounds for it instead of painting? The tank is drilled so may have to figure that in too.
I just painted the back and 1 side of my new tank. I used a black acrylic looks pretty well. Its on thick enough where it won't come off randomly but its acrylic so it'll "peel" off if I try hard enough.

The other option is to buy the background and tape it/superglue it on but that gets annoying from my experience they fall off a lot
I have painted in the past and my current tank has black vinyl that was applied with water and a squeegee.
Not easy to do by yourself on a 7' long tank!!! :confused:

But it came out fine and I always let my back glass get covered with coralline anyway.