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I bought a Nuvo tank from Innovative Marine about 18 months ago. It's a cool tank in the way of water changes. It's not the same as the regular sump tanks. The sump is built onto the back of the tank. Mine is an 80gal, but with the sump on the back, it's about a 70gal tank and the displacement with rock and such makes mine about a 50 gal. Anyway about water changes. You don't have to clean the junk from your sump, it has two what they call socks in each rear corner of the tank. During a water change, you just pull the socks out, throw them into the washing machine with a little bleach, and your filters are ready to filter again. What I did was to buy another pair of socks, so I don't have to wait to get them clean, I just rotate them every week or when you do a water change.

Okay, now to the problems with the tanks. My sump is separating from the main tank. It came with a good sized chip in the front of the tank, and they made it out of Sapphire glass (which was not in the info.) and it scratches like crazy. My tank is about 18 months old, and it looks 10 years old.

Their answer to Sapphire glass was "the clarity is sooo much better than glass" yeah right. As for the chip in the front of the glass,"it should be no problem", then for the sump separating from the back of the tank "that should be structurally sound". Now the stand that came with it is coming apart, and it was level and now it's out of level a 1/4 inch.

My question is; do you think they owe me a new tank? I do.
Welcome to the forum Mark :)

That certainly doesn't sound good. Did the tank come with any guarantees? Also, where abouts in the world are you?
Welcome to the forum Mark :)

That certainly doesn't sound good. Did the tank come with any guarantees? Also, where abouts in the world are you?
Thank you for welcoming me. Yes, it came with a 5 year warrantee. The problems started about 6 months after buying the tank. Paul at IM is very familiar with the problems. He even tried bribing me with a Aqua Gadget/ Skimmate Ghost Protein Skimmer. Of course I took it gladly, but it wasn't stipulated that I couldn't bad mouth them. Actually I have sent them pictures of the problems, so they are aware of everything, except for the collapsing tank stand of which they will soon know about that also.

Also I left out about the lid that came with it. It is made from ultra light ferrous metal and plastic mesh. There is no type of handle to pick up the top with. I am 6' 1" and weigh 217 pounds and my fingers are too large to fit between the top of the tank and the top, so I had to make my own handle made out of an old tooth brush made of hard plastic with rubber inserts , to grip the handles. I put a piece on each side, so I can pick it up. Also if you don't have hanging lights and you accidently drop or lay your strip light on the mesh, your light may fall through. I know from experience. My mesh is hot glued all around the top. It sure makes my set up look like trash. Like I said, "the tank looks 10 years old with the scratches, tank stand, and top. Everything IM sell is made in CHINA!! Does that tell you anything??

To answer your question, I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Ah ok, I'm not familiar with the rules over there (I'm in the UK) but if it came with a 5 year guarantee you should definitely ask for a replacement! Do you think they would allow you to swap it for a different type of tank? You don't want those same problems over again...