One Spotted FoxFace might not be so happy


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Hey guys,

Happy to be back on these forums and just posted my showcase here...

Now the question I have for everyone out there is concerning my One Spot FoxFace. He seems to be pretty happy in that he has tons of room for swimming and he gets along with his tank mates fine. The issue is that he seems overly skittish and is very rarely his beautiful pure yellow color. Most of the time hes either camouflaging or a pale white brown. Everything I've read says this means he is stressed and unhappy. I'm not dismissing that notion but I've had this guy in my tank for 5 months now and hes almost fully grown at this point and looks as healthy as the day I got him. And this behavior has been going on since day one. So my question to all of you experts out there is. Did I just pick up an overly cautious fish or am I definitely doing something wrong by this guy and do I need to identify and correct the issue. If that be the case, any ideas on what could be wrong? Water parameters are stable and in the normal ranges, I was a little light on rock but added another 100 pounds last month with way more hiding spots and it really hasn't helped much. I'm just at a loss with this challenge...
IME, they are very high strung and overly excitable fish. If you have had him that long and it is still freaking out all the time I would think this behavior is its norm. Unless, you have noticed your hippo or some other fish stressing it out. Mine always freaked out when my hand went in the tank but after 6-8 months it warmed up enough to eat from my fingers.
They are cool fish!
I have an extremely healthy foxy that puts his pyjamas on all the time. Visitors come to close to the tank and that's it in pj's for couple of hours. Doesn't do it with me or hubby. New fish in tank pj's back on. He has even buried himself in my red goni on occasions. Think his thoughts are if I can't see them then they can't see me. Lol