Need some advice


Reefer Madness
Hey guys I could really use some input. A good friend of mine got terrible news and only has a few months left and is in palliative care. We both have established reef tanks mine is a 70 gallon and his is a 120 gallon. My friend had asked me if I would take his tank and keep his fish and corals in his memory. He is my only reef tank bud.

His stock is numerous beautiful corals and rock nems of all kinds and the fish I can think of are

Kole Tang, Bi color Angel, Flame Angel, Engineer Goby, Clown, Mandarin Dragonette, Wrasse 6 line I think, yellow goby.

My stock

Yellow Tang, Coral Beauty, 1 Fire fish, Bi color Blenny, Dottyback, 2 clowns, large clam, large BBT, Candy cane, Finger Leather, Frog Spawn and assorted mushrooms

Neither of us had had issues with our Dwarf Angels getting along or bothering the corals.

Finding space for another setup in our house is hard. My friend lives out of town so it will be a little of a distance move. I was wondering about combing the 2 into a single 200 gallon. It would be easier to find space to setup one larger tank than two individual setups in our house.

Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts?
If not possible I will somehow make 2 tanks happen to honor his wish.
i am truly sorry about your friend. its nice of you to try and honor his wishes. all of his and your fish should be compatible in a 200. i have a 265 and have had 3 pygmy angels at one time. you just have to add them all at once so no-one has a territory set up. same with the tangs. you will probably not be able to keep all the clowns. the dominant pair will kill the others. its very difficult to keep more then 2 in a tank. lots of water circulation really helps with aggression. the fish tire themselves out trying to swim instead of fighting. i have had all the fish you guys have except the engineer goby and think every thing should be compatible. i also think you will like the 200 more then having 2 smaller tanks. good luck and best wishes for your friend
It is with great sadness that I bring news that my friend Blaine has lost his fight with cancer.
I miss you my friend