New aquarium on Okinawa


Reefing newb
I am new to the aquarium hobby but I would rather say this isn't a hobby for me, its more for research than anything else. I am a graduate student via distance learning at the University of Florida and I am studying aquatic sciences. My 30 gallon tank with accessories are all used but in working condition and I am picking up a 100 gallon tank this weekend. In the 30 gallon I have several live rocks that I picked myself from the extremely low tides we have here on Okinawa. Sometimes you can walk out on coral to a mile out its so low. The live rocks have macroalgae and microalgae incorporated into the rocks ecosystem to help fix the ammonia in the tank. I am not one for taking coral from its habitat but the coral I found was fragmented from the reef and laying in a tide pool. More to follow>>>>>>>>>
I also have several hermit crabs, dragon shrimp and sand crabs. The only fish I have at this point are a mudskipper and a decorated goby. These animals are very adaptable to extreme changes in salinity, ammonia and other factors that come with a new tank setup. I have been cycling since last Thursday and have no issues with ammonia with a sg of 35 ppt. I use a Hanna Instruments aquaculture kit for my testing.