Nano Cube Lighting


Reefing newb
I'm currently running a 50\50 and a 10000k in my 12g JBJ nano dx. What would be the best setup for corals & fish? I was looking at the nanotuners dx upgrade kit, but didn't know if "more is better" for these small tanks.
The only problem with that is i have a friend in the led research field.And there are really not 15k.they are over driven to reach into 15k spectrum and will probably only last a year tops.So for my money it not really worth it that's to much to chance.I think I'm really gonna go metal halide.And see if i can drill it and plumb it into my sump for the main display
No the metal halide would be far enough above the tank to not create a heat issue.I should be able to have it atleast a foot above the water surface but will need a par meter to determine exact placement.And if its necessary then yeah 1 or 2 12 volt fans
Just so you know it though there are a lot of people having great success with 2x24
and 3x24 for all kinds of zoas softies and lps.I haven seen a few folks keeping sps mid to high in this setup and getting reasonable growth.It's nice in the little tanks to have slow growth rates so you can enjoy the display more.And not be changing every around and fragging every month makes a great bolt on swap for the bono hoods. Just unsure your current pc fixture, and using the same holes, screw in the new led fixture with fans.