my 10 gal


Reefing newb
At last took some pics of my small tank so far.


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Ok earlier in the week i decided after alot of thought i wanted to reduce my quantity of rock to create better circulation around back of the tank and more swimming space.So the following pics is what i came up with.Hope you guys think it ok but i was toying with the idea for a while and now glad i changed it .Pics dont do it justice really doesnt show the bright green of my new gsp that i bought 3 days ago .This has brightened my tank up no end ! The column of rock this is on will eventually be covered in mushrooms ricordeas and zoa frags .Only downfall is after a while a hitchiker showed itself this being aiptasia but had an infestation a while back and got a peppermint shrimp that dealt with them all so aint concerned about it.


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Looks fantastic! I really like what you did with the rock and the GSP frag looks very nice, mine it's as big as yours now. :thumbsup: