Mushroom fragging.


Reefing newb
Hey all, ive decided i want to frag my mushroom. Ive watched some videos and read some articles now i want some of your input. Ive got a scalpel to use, very sharp. From what i read and please correct me if im wrong,is to cut the shroom off of the rock as close to the base as possible. (if there is some left over, i read two will sprout from it. true?) then to place the mushroom flat on something and cut it into as many pieces as you like making sure each piece contains a part of the mouth. Now, i plan on cutting it into 4 seperate pieces to start. After that im going to place it in a shallow dish with crushed coral in the bottom. Ill cover the dish with a fine mesh and elastic band around the dish. Then i can place the dish into my tank in hopes that the frags settle on the crushed coral and attach. I can then glue the seperate peices to my desired location. I really like the look of my mushroom and would love to have more of them. If anyone has any extra hints or experiences that will ensure a successful fragging please let me know. Thanks.
Thanks guys, Wanted to start with something relatively easy. Different opinions online. Such as, dont put it back in your main tank. Have a frag tank. Dosing with vitamin c and such. Wasnt sure if this was all neccessary/
lol, is that a good thing Smitty or bad? I think i read something about them sliming up a bit. If its excessive is that a sign of death?
I fragged a couple of my ricordeas today. They got pretty slimy. Nothing to worry about tho. I just stuck them in a dish of rocks. That's all there is to it really. Can't superglue them bc of the spine which is really annoying. I'd rather glue them than wait for them to attach Haha.