Acropora Rescue


Reefing newb
So I was at the LFS today picking up some NSW and RO Water. As usual I had a bit of a sticky beak in the Coral tank.

A bit of a chat about the acro's in the tank (he had a heap of new frags) and I walked out the door with a free piece to try and rescue. This bit has been in the shop tank for quiet a while, just seemed to be overlooked and now has gone to the point that no one was going to buy it.

I've had success before with a piece of chalice bringing it back from a tiny broken chunk, but I think the acro will be a whole new battle.

Any hints, tips etc on giving this the best chance of bouncing back.

Ive posted a few pics to show the coral and where it will sit in the tank. My current parameters are;

Temp: 24.8
Salinity: 1.027
Ammonia: 0
Nitrites: 0
Nitrates: 0
Phosphates: 0
pH: 8
Alklinity: 80
Calcium: 400
Iron: >0.05mg/L

This is the acro I bought home. Its not been in the tank long, but there are polyps starting to come out. There is still a bit of blue in the lights at this time of day, I will try and get a shot when the lights are full power.



As far as tank placement goes, I have put it at the upper right hand side of the tank.

Um, did you dip it? Gulp, that coral looks like a predator has been eating on it. Look at the base you still can see the skin seperation I think this piece can be saved.
Two months on, the acro is still hanging in there. The couple of branches that were really bleached and showing signs of what I assume was RTN didn't make it, but you can see the rest. Some of the undersides also died off, but the amount of flesh has been stable for over a month, just the colour has been changing to a green.