Directing wavemakers


Reefing newb
I know this has been asked hundreds of times but I think each time it's different due to tank configurations.

I have my 180 with two WP-40's in it. I have one on each side and both are about half way up the tank and about three quarters toward the back. The one on the left side points to the center of the tank towards my highest rock and it points a little upwards to get some surface agitation.

The one on the right is shooting straight forward and aimed to go straight down the back of the tank.

With these positioned the way they are, I now have the front center of the tank sand blown a good bit away and it moved the sand back. I had about an inch of sand above the bottom rim of the tank that I could see but after it blew away the sand in the front center is about even with the rim. Also, both ends of the tank, I have just brown detritus I'm guessing covering the ends of he sand bed.

I have been using "else" mode for two reasons. One, I tend to like the randomness of the flow. Two, when I'd set them on any wave mode, it's blow too much sand and just makes a mess again. I want to get max flow in the center of the tank because I have a pillar in the center and want to be able to put acros on the top of it and most of those require strong flow.

Any tips on how I can get the front center of the sand to stop blowing out but at the same time get more flow to the ends of the tank and top center? I don't have a ton of corals in there now and most aren't set in stone and can be moved. I want to try to get max flow throughout the tank with minimal sand movement and good flow to top center.