Mounting Legs for T5 lighting


I know that I don't know
I have 36" T5 lighitng fixture that I want to use on my 90 gallon tank which is 48" wide along with my LEDs that my husband made.

Does anyone know if or where I can get mounting legs that expand so I can use the light still?

I thought I would put the lower light corals like mushrooms to the outside and they would still have some light from the LEDs.

We have 10 3W cool white LED and 12 3W blue LED (as soon as power supply arrives). The T5 HO strip is 2lights, one blue and 1 white.

We will be adding more light as needed.

We have 1 montipora that was given to us, but we had not been getting into those thus far due to not wanting to have metal halides, chiller etc.
I dont think the 2 light T5 will be enough to keep corals. Hopefully others with chim in (before you spend money on the legs), I am just not sure about the 2-light + some LED's being enough on the 90g